• Pets friendly
    • Outdoor hot tub
    • No smoking
    • Central air conditioning
    • Pets friendly
    • Outdoor hot tub
    • No smoking
    • Fully equipped kitchens
    • Outdoor hot tubs
    • Indoor heated pool
    • Fully equipped kitchen
    • Cistercian Abbey of Glenluce

Relax in Lodges with Hot Tubs in South West Scotland

The South West Scotland is characterised by open moorland, hills and forests. The region is largely rural and agricultural. In short, it is an idyllic location where you will find a lot of holiday activities to indulge in. Take the lodges with hot tubs for example. You can soak in outdoor hot tubs as you enjoy the views of the alluring countryside.

The South West of Scotland presents you with a chance to live in a least populated area and get at one with nature. It is the sort of place you go to gather your thoughts, relax and unwind in readiness for a hard year at work. Many families, couples and friends have found that staying in hot tub lodges gives them a budget-friendly way of taking breaks. They no longer have to pay premium resorts in the Caribbean to enjoy a break.

All they are required to do is pack and head to the countryside. Hot tub Hideaway breaks are the new in-thing. Discerning holidaymakers are particularly interested in rural areas such as South West Scotland in Scotland. This is a place where you can enjoy a breath of fresh air, sample local produce, slow down your life’s pace and get to see the country. Welcome to the South West Scotland!

The South West Scotland represents the region to the south of Scotland, near the boundary with England. The area is sparsely populated. Administratively, the region consists of Galloway and Dumfries unitary authorities. Among the notable forested areas include; Galloway Forest, Forest of Ae, and Mabie Forest. South West Scotland is a recreational haven. Among the popular recreational activities include cycling, mountain biking, hiking and many more. After a long day outdoors, you can head to your lodge’s hot tub and soak your tired limbs. It is fun all the way here.

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Places to Visit and Things to Do in South West Scotland

Despite the fact that South West Scotland is a rural county, you will find many idyllic villages and towns that will introduce you to the ways of the south. Make sure that whenever you make a visit to a town/village, you experience the best it has to offer. You will probably sample foods and drinks you have never heard of. People here are friendly. Ask around what you should see, do and visit. They will go out of their way to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

The hot tub lodges are appointed to host royalty. They have pleasant staffs that ensure the guests are well taken care of. You will not want for anything. But that is not all.

You will have a chance to explore some of the most scenic landscapes in the South West Scotland. You will also engage in a host of outdoor holiday activities. Below is a list of places/activities we think a-must-visit-must-do for anyone going to the South West of Scotland. Take a look.

Villages and Towns 

Among the villages you would want to visit are; Gretna Green (the first Scottish Village), Dumfries, Castle Douglas, Moffat Spa Town, Newton Stewart, Gatehouse of Fleet, Moniaive, Dalbeattie and many more.


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Popular Holiday Activities 

Get out of your lodge and hit the road. You are bound to experience some exciting holiday activities, wherever you are in the South West of England. Among the most popular with the guests here are; camping, fishing, cycling, picnics at botanical gardens, yatching, sailing, water skiing, golf, visiting art galleries and many more.

Natural Attractions

There are a host of natural attractions in the South West England. Below are different categories of such attractions.


Among the wildlife you will encounter here include; red and black grouse, hares, golden eagles, red deer, feral goat, red squirrels, ospreys, raptors and many more.

Rivers and Lochs 

River Cree, River Annan, River Esk, River Nith and River Dee. The lochs include; Loch Ken, Loch Doon, Loch Enoch, Loch Trool, Loch Dee, Loch Grannoch, Clatteringshaws Loch, Loch Skeen, Loch of Lowes and St. Mary’s Loch.


There are a number of reservoirs in the area including; Megget Reservoir, Daer Reservoir, Fruid Reservoir and Talla Reservoir.


The forests here include; Galloway Forest, Forest of Ae and Mabie Forest.

Hill Ranges

Galloway Hills, Cheviot Hills, Moorfoot Hills, Culter Hills, Moffat Hills, Lowhter Hills, Etrick Hills, Lammermuir Hills, Manor Hills, and Carsphairn Hills.

Now you see that South West Scotland is not just about hot tub lodges. It is a complete holiday package that you cannot find anywhere else in the world at similar cost. Again, Welcome to the South West Scotland! See more lodges in Scotland here.