• Outdoor hot tubs
    • Central heating
    • Beds with linens and duvets
    • Freeview TV/DVD/Wi-Fi
    • Heated swimming pool
    • Al fresco dining
    • Family entertainment
    • Wi-Fi access
    • Outdoor hot tub
    • Pet-friendly
    • Children play area
    • A shop and a café

Relax in Your Own Gloucestershire Hot Tub Lodge

Think about this. You watch the sun sink in the horizon. The night sky slowly takes the command of the sky. You cannot remember the last time you felt this relaxed. It was only yesterday you were rushing home to avoid the rush hour traffic. Here, there is no such sound. You move a little bit to find the ‘sweet spot’ in the hot tub. This time you have picked a winner. This hot tub lodge in Gloucester gives you all you ever needed to completely relax.

Now snap out of the reverie.

The above is not a story. It is what happens to all those that get a chance to take a break in a hot tub lodge in Gloucester and that is not all. The county is a nature lover’s haven. Its wildlife species, rolling countryside and vast wooded areas give you a chance to get at one with nature. Perfect for families or romantic weekend breaks.

The county is also home to tens of idyllic villages and hundreds of attractions. Here, you will learn the countryside folk’s way of life. You will even sample some of the best culinary options to come out of England. Welcome to Gloucester!

Located on the South West of England, Gloucestershire is a county encompassing regions such as the Forest of Dean, the fertile valley left by River Severn and Cotswold Hills. The county seat is the city of Gloucester.

In total, Gloucester is home to 1 city and 32 towns. Imagine all the things you can do in those 32 towns…sampling new dishes, meeting new people, enjoying the best of ales, visiting points of interest…name it.

Although it has many towns, the county is largely rural. It will give you the ideal escape for relaxing and unwinding. The hot tub lodges found here are appointed with modern facilities and the staffs that run them will go out of their way to make your stay comfortable.

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Places to Visit and Things to Do in Gloucestershire


Of course, there are hundreds of things to do and places to visit in Gloucester. The list below is just to point you in the right direction. Take your pick, and enjoy your holiday!

Prinknash Abbey 

Ever been to a Roman monastery? Try this one. It is located in the Cranham Village.

The Great Witcombe Roman Villa 

This is one of the few remaining edifices that represent the Roman occupation in Britain. It is a place of reflection and remembrance. It is also a protected heritage site.

Kingsholme’s Stadium 

This is a 16,500-seater stadium where you can go to watch a rugby match.

The New Inn 

This is an inn with a curious name. It is located in a Grade II listed building in Gloucester. You will sample some of the best culinary options in Gloucester here. It also exemplifies the medieval courtyards of yesteryears

National Waterways Museum 

Try your hand at navigating a boat. Alternatively, you can get a ride here…may be to even as far as Manchester Canal.

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Robinswood Hill 

Located in the heart of Gloucester, this park is a nice place to have a picnic with your loved ones.

Mary de Lode Church 

This is believed to have been the first Christian church in Britain. How about getting religious for once and learning where Christianity began in the UK?

The Gloucester Cathedral 

The Gloucester Cathedral is one of the landmarks in Gloucestershire. It is a magnificent cathedral. 

Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum 

Here, you get to hear first-hand stories from the Gloucestershire Regiment and the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars. It will be a great place to learn about the valiant soldiers.

The Gloucester Folk Museum 

This museum houses social history of the entire Gloucester county. It illustrates the tribulations and successes that the Gloucestershire people have undergone over the centuries. It is housed in the two oldest buildings in the county.

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