Find Luxury Holidays and Weekend Breaks with a Hot Tub in Norfolk

Whether you looking for luxury log cabins or quaint cosy cottages we have all the best places to stay in Norfolk with hot tubs.

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    • Outdoor hot tub
    • Freeview DVD and TV
    • Beds with linens and duvets
    • Fresh towels
    • Kitchen with microwave, washing machine and freezer
    • Outdoor hot tub
    • Children play area
    • Onsite therapies
    • Wildflower garden
    • Hydrotherapy outdoor hot tubs
    • Luxury pamper pack
    • Sunken Jacuzzi
    • Finnish sauna

Relax in Your Own Norfolk Hot tub Lodge

What’s your idea of an awesome break? Is it sunning on the English coastline? What about hiking in the woodlands? Do you love lazing around in a hot tub while enjoying a glass of champagne? Whatever your favourite activity, Norfolk will probably have it. Pack that bag, haul your family in the station wagon and head to the East of England. It is guaranteed. You will have an awesome holiday.

Norfolk is home to alluring countryside, towering woodlands, sprawling heath and meadows, and happy, welcoming people. Its idyllic towns and villages will take you back in time when living was enjoyable…when your neighbour actually wanted to know what you were going through in life.

Life here moves at a slower pace. Call it backwater if you want, but it is an awesome backwater all the same. You will get to stay in lodges with outdoor hot tub, sample real ales, explore the extensive network of rivers and lakes and sample some of the UK’s most innovative culinary exploits.

This place is ideal for Hot Tub Holidays

Norfolk is a county that sits pretty in East Anglia. Its neighbours include Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, the North Sea and the Wash. It is a largely rural county; with several cities include the county seat city of Norwich, Great Yarmouth, Thetford and King’s Lynn.

The county is home to spellbinding scenery comprising of broads, undulating hills, and quaint villages. Before the Romans arrived in the area that is today called Norfolk, it had been settled by the Iceni tribesmen. Over time, the Anglo- Saxons overrun the area and built fortresses to keep the invading Scandinavians off.

Norfolk is history laden. But that is a story for another day. For now, enjoy staying in its hot tubs lodges. You will never regret your stay here.

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Places to Visit and Things to Do in Norfolk


True, you can stay in your hot tub lodges and still have a fantastic holiday, but this will be selling yourself short. Get out and explore what Norfolk has to offer. You may surprise yourself by getting a new favourite pastime. Norfolk is a big rural county. You most certainly cannot explore it all. This is why we have a list of the top 10 places you should visit. Take a look below.

The Broads 

Extending all the way to Suffolk, the navigable rivers and lakes will give you an insight into the enchanting geography of Norfolk. While at it, why not capture the beautiful landscapes on your camera? We may make a photo-journalist out of you…


This is a theme park located in Hornish. It is the place you take your kids for a fun day out that they will not forget soon.

Cromer Pier 

If you are into history, perhaps you should start by exploring the Cromer pier, a Grade II listed property, located in Cromer Parish. It overlooks the North Sea.

The Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach 

As you soak in the rich Norfolk sun, your kids can be building sand castles. Welcome to Yarmouth Beach, located on England’s east coast.


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Banham Zoo 

If you live in the city, you probably do not know many animals. And no, your neighbour’s pet does not count. Go to Banham Zoo and see over 2000 animals hosted in a 50-acre zoo.

Time and Tide Museum 

This is located in the Great Yarmouth city. It hosts some of the best preserved Victorian Works.

Theatre Royal 

Located in Norwich, this theatre hosts large productions. This is the place to go if you want to catch up with the latest entertainment in UK and beyond.

The Norwich Cathedral 

This is a cathedral dedicated to the Holy and Undivided Trinity. It is a listed heritage site.


Located in Yarmouth, this facility lets you see over 5000 sea creatures. Your children will also have a play area.

Scolt Head Island 

Earn some bragging rights. Most of your friends have not even heard of this offshore island.


Popular holiday activities in Norfolk include; shopping, sightseeing, ferry rides, picnicking, exploring idyllic towns and villages, sunbathing, soaking in outdoor hot tubs, visiting zoos and aquariums and many more. There is never a dull moment here!

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