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Find the very hot tub fishing breaks. Relax. Soak and Cast!

Find Carp Fishing Weekend Breaks in the UK

A holiday away with the serenity of nature and the company of loved ones, combining two of your most treasured things. Whether this is enjoying a short break searching for big carp, or winding down each evening next to your partner in a luxury fishing lodge with a hot tub. From Lake to Lake, here are the best lakeside fishing lodges...

Ashby lodges with fishing and hot tubs

Ashby Woulds Lodges and Spa


A collection of premium lodges with fishing on the doorstep. Overlooking the idyllic Derbyshire countryside, it offers magnificent views with the tranquillity required to relive any stress you may have. The Lakes and private woodland are easily accessible, being only a stone’s throw away. Also, if you go out to explore the Heart of England, you are only ever within a short drive of top attractions for the whole family to enjoy. This makes it a perfect destination for any family or couple looking for a short UK fishing holiday.

Claywood Retreat Lodges


One of the most log cabin fishing holidays, this stunning range of fishing lodges offers a truly spectacular view of the Norfolk/Suffolk border, as well as a number of facilities that take quality to new heights. The secluded Lake being a big attraction for all angles, beginner or expert. Not to mention the high standard of each cabin, with each boasting a sauna and decking area which includes the outdoor hot tub. What better way to enjoy a luxury fishing holiday, than here in the East of England.

family in hot tub by the lake

North Lakes Lodges


Nestled in the gorgeous Cumbria countryside, close to the Lake District, it is one of the finest UK big carp fishing holidays, offering a remarkable amount of potential for anyone looking to try their hand at a spot of fishing. The blissful surrounding area also complements the lavish interior which has been furnished to an impeccable standard, with glorious log burners, contemporary kitchens and an outdoor hot tub for the magical views.

Swandown Lodges


Situated on the beautiful backdrop of the Dorset countryside, these fishing ponds with accommodation give you that wonderful sense of closure from the busy outside world. You won’t find a reclusive destination like this, which covers your every need, whether it’s for a couple looking for a romantic getaway or a family searching for that perfect weekend away fishing. The local area also offers an array of historical attractions and bustling markets, for anyone looking for a bargain.

Nunland Hillside Lodges


This rural location provides phenomenal views of the foothills and forests of Dumfries and Galloway. These fishing holidays with hot tubs provide you with everything you need to have an incredible time away, including fantastic views of the Scottish countryside from your very own outdoor personal hot tub. If exploring is more your thing, don’t be shy in wandering the rugged coast whilst stopping for a bite to eat in one of the many pubs or restaurants offered along the coast.

Trewythen Lodges

Mid Wales

Less than two miles from the beautiful villages of Caersws and Llandinam, these fantastic lodges offer the perfect UK fishing break for anyone looking to get away and find peace and serenity. With a truly tranquil surrounding area, the sheer beauty of the Welsh countryside leaves you breathless when overlooking it from your hot tub. There is also plenty of activities in the local area including sailing and fishing at Clywedog Dam and Mid Wales Clay Shooting Centre which is only 3 miles away!

Rudyard Lake Lodges


These Swedish lodges are set just on the edge of the Peak District and provide you with an unbelievable retreat that will leave you refreshed and ready to go! It is the ultimate cabin for any fishing holiday you have in mind, not only that, but it also offers you a terrific chance for walking, cycling, climbing and sailing through the Heart of the Staffordshire Moorlands. This getaway is the ideal opportunity for a long weekend of laughter and enjoyment.

Faweather Grange Lodges

West Yorkshire

Each of these real log fishing lodges have been designed uniquely which allow them to ooze quality and ambience. All of these have outstanding views of the Yorkshire hills with a fantastic array of wildlife in the surrounding area. Local attractions are the Lakes which are ideal for a fishing break, as well as the nearby walking and cycling trails which provide you with a day out for hours. Plenty of guests take picnics and explore the wonders of the Yorkshire countryside.

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Top Tips for the Perfect Fishing Getaway

Fishing Icon

Rural Spot

An idyllic location where you and nature can connect.

fishing rod icon

Variety of Fish

The opportunity for any level of angler to catch a Carp, Roach, Pike, Bass, the list is endless.

father and son fishing

Alone Time

Phones off, enjoy the quality time with family or friends.

relaxing lakeside icon

100% Relaxation

Relieve any stress that has built up and just enjoy yourself.


Angling is the most popular sport in the UK, with over 100,000 people taking part in this relaxing hobby on a weekly basis, therefore, is it any wonder that holiday parks close to rivers and lakes are a popular choice with couples and families looking for hot tub breaks.

You don’t need much equipment either, while some experts spend hundreds of pounds on fancy rods and reels a basic set-up can be purchased for around £30-£50 and should include; 

  • check
    A good fishing rod is the most important part of a fisherman’s tackle. Those just starting out in the sport should buy what’s called a ‘through action float rod’
    Click here for a great guide to choosing a fishing rod.
  • check
    A popular reel used in coarse fishing is the fixed-spool reel; prices for a decent one start around £20 but they can sometimes be found in starter kits.
  • check
    The most commonly used sort of line is; monofilament, it is buoyant and can stretch. Lines come in different colours and thickness and cost anything from a couple of quid upwards for a spool.
  • check
    The price of a float is between 50p and a couple of pounds with the Waggler float commonly used for fishing in lakes.
  • check
    You need to match the hook to what bait you are using as well as the size of fish you are hoping to catch, beginners should start with hooks from size 10-16.
  • check
    These are used to remove the hook from the fish’s mouth and can be bought for less than £1 at any tackle shop.
  • check
    In the old days these were made of lead and while it is still legal for lead weights to be used if they are between a size 8 and 14 be very careful, especially if you have bought second-hand fishing gear, as fishing with illegal weights can result in a hefty fine of up to £5,000. Therefore, it is advisable to use an alternative such as Tungsten or nickel weights.
  • check
    Landing pole and net
    This is an essential piece of kit as you don’t want to catch the proverbial big one and not being able to land it. There are 2 important considerations when choosing a landing net.
    1. Is the net constructed of a safe material, which will not damage the fish?
    2. Is the handle strong enough? 

Once you have your tackle you can start searching for hot tub holidays with fishing onsite the destinations above all have an excellent selection of well-stocked lakes and rivers, where guests can fish for carp, perch, trout and salmon, some areas such as Cornwall and Dumfries are also ideal for those who want to try sea-fishing.

Some sites offer carp fishing with accommodation free while offers provide a prime spot for a small charge which can be anything from £5-£15 per day. (check before booking) Wherever you cast off you will need a fishing licence. 

Fishing Regulations (what you need to know)

Every area of the UK has their own by-laws concerning fishing which protect stocks and encourage sustainable fisheries, it is essential to check these out as breaking these regulations can result in fines up to £50,000, that’s one expensive holiday!

Fishing Licence

You will need a licence to fish for trout, eel, salmon, smelt and freshwater fish in
•Border Esk region
•England (except the River Tweed)

It is important you carry the licence with you whenever you are fishing, or you may be prosecuted, which can result in a fine of £2,500

The licence can be obtained from the Environment Agency online here, by calling 0344 800 5386 or in person at your local post office, some holiday parks which offer fishing can arrange licences for you but that would be something you need to confirm at the time of booking. 


Licence type

Trout and coarse 2-rod

Trout and coarse 3-rod

Salmon and sea trout



Not available




Not available






12-month - over 65 or disabled




12-month - junior (12 to 16)




The licence can take up to 10 days to arrive so make sure you obtain one in plenty of time.

Other important by-laws include;

  • Areas in certain regions where fishing is not allowed
  • Closed seasons (when you can’t fish)
  • The sort of tackle you are allowed to use for different fish in your region
  • Size and weight of fish you are allowed to keep

These laws vary so it is essential to check out the ones specific to the area you will be fishing in. The closed season for coarse fishing is and some privately-owned lakes have their own rules which must also be adhered too.

You can find local fishing by-laws here

10 Packing Essentials for a Fishing Holiday in the UK

So, you have your licence, you have your tackle and have chosen one of the fishing lodges with hot tubs at these outstanding holiday parks, what else will you need?

  • check
  • check
    Waterproof clothing
  • check
    Foldable chair
  • check
  • check
    Tackle box
  • check
    Thermos Flask
  • check
  • check
  • check
  • check
    Small first aid kit

More Log Cabin Holidays

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All these parks above are ideally located for guests to indulge in this relaxing pastime with their own well-stocked fishing lakes onsite, some even have 3 or 4 different ones and boast tackle shops, so you don’t need to bring your own bait.

Even beginners with no previous experience can have a go. That’s the great thing about fishing young or old it doesn’t matter, and these lovely lakes are suitable for anglers of all ages and abilities. We cover loads of hot tub breaks on this site but carp fishing lodges with hot tubs is our favourite.