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Perfect Lodges with Onsite Spa + Hot Tubs

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Find the most sought after cabins with onsite spa days. rest, relax and enjoy!

Top Picks

  • Woodside Bay Lodge Retreat

    Wootton Bridge, Nr Cowes  / Sleeps  2

    • hot tub
    • pet friendly
    • garden
    • Open-plan

    Woodside Bay Lodge Retreat is an award-winning holiday park. The spa is partnered with Aromatherapy Associates London, who have more than 30 years' experience.

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  • Piran Meadows Resort and Spa

    Newquay, North Cornwall / Sleeps  4

    • hot tub
    • wi-fi
    • Gym
    • Indoor heated pool

    A short drive away from the golden sandy beaches of the coastal town of Newquay. There are also plenty of activities to immerse yourself in nearby including laser clay shooting, water sports and even archery.

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  • Hawkchurch Resort And Spa

    Axminster / Sleeps  2

    • hot tub
    • pet friendly
    • parking
    • Gas & electricity included

    Pick from a handful of sought after properties that will make home feel like a distant memory and spend time in the bubbling hot tub.

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  • Cheddar Woods Resort and Spa

    Cheddar , Somerset / Sleeps  2

    • hot tub
    • pet friendly
    • wi-fi
    • Costa Coffee

    This impressive park offers something for everyone with horse-riding, snorkelling, rifle shooting and climbing to name a few of the seemingly endless array of activities.

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  • Landal Darwin Forest

    Longnor, Buxton / Sleeps  2-6

    • hot tub
    • wi-fi
    • Indoor heated pool
    • Children’s play area

    Feel tension melt away with a full body massage or enjoy a stimulating facial at these lodges, prices are comparable with most spa hotels so no need to break the bank.

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  • Keswick Reach Lodge Retreat

    Lodges & Cabins In Bewaldeth / Sleeps  4-8

    • hot tub
    • pet friendly
    • pet friendly
    • Spa bath and sauna

    For luxury lodges with and cosy cabins with bubbling hot tubs, look no further than Lodges With Hot Tubs. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a break from the everyday bustle now and then.

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We have picked some of the best spa lodges in the country

The stress of modern-day living takes its toll on all of us, which is why spa holidays are becoming extremely popular. Enjoying a therapeutic massage, revitalising facial or aromatherapy treatment while on holiday is the perfect way to unwind and relax.

Holidays With Spas

Spa treatments add that extra touch of luxury to any mini break, all of us need to de-stress sometimes and is there any better way than your own indulgent outdoor Jacuzzi to unwind in and a host of pampering in stunning surroundings?

All the locations above offer an extensive range of treatments for both women and men they range from full body massages to anti-aging hand treatments, various facials, holistic therapies and waxing.

Many are available as individual sessions, but all offer full and half day pamper packages where you can enjoy several treatments plus relaxation time in the sauna or hydrotherapy pool (if available) some include a glass of prosecco and even lunch.

The spas at these holiday parks are all run by highly skilled professionals using top of the range products such as Elemis and the award-winning Aromatherapy Associates that refresh and revive your skin.

Hot Tub Features

Popular Treatments include:


Massage is a term used for describing the process of rubbing, applying pressure and manipulating your muscles, skin, joints and ligaments. This may include light stroking or firm pressure.

There are several types of massage, including;

  • Swedish massage
  • Sports massage
  • Trigger point massage
  • Deep massage

Massages are the most popular spa treatment and no wonder; not only does a massage session let you indulge in some precious “me time” it also has proven health benefits:

  • Relieves stress
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Eases aching muscles
  • Relieves headaches
  • Can help with digestive disorders
  • Eases sports injuries

The principles of any massage are the same; it relaxes and eases tired muscles, improves lymph and blood circulation while increasing the production of endorphins the magical hormones that make you feel great.

Give yourself time afterwards to unwind, this will allow your mind and body to feel the full benefits of the massage.

Prices vary but the resorts mentioned above offer massages from around £30 upwards; depending on length of session, products used and special techniques like hot stone massages.


Every day your face is subjected to the weather, sun, wind and cold, it also has to cope with late nights, blocked pores, dirt, and breakouts so we think it deserves some pampering and after all we all want our faces to look their best.

A spa holiday offers a great opportunity for both men and women to indulge in a facial and obtain a healthy glow.

Just like body treatments and massages, there’s a wide range of facial treatments to choose from, but they all should leave your skin feeling cleaner and fresher with a more youthful complexion, in fact one of the best things about a facial are the instant results.

Choosing the right facial can be confusing but the trained professional at your lodge holiday spa are on hand to offer advice whether you want to Detox, cleanse or fight those wrinkles.

Some popular facials include

  • Anti-aging
  • Deep cleansing
  • Exfoliating facial
  • Hydrating facial

Make the most of your revitalising facial by not immediately applying make-up and wearing a hat and sunscreen if you are going to be sitting in the sun.

As with all spa treatments prices for facials vary but the holiday spas above offer them from around £30 upwards.

Manicures and pedicures

One of the most popular treatments at any spa manicures and pedicures have visible results and make you feel good the process of having your feet and hands massaged, exfoliated and moisturised and adding polish can be extremely relaxing and who doesn’t want to show off their pretty feet in sandals while on holiday. Some therapists may even use reflexology to enhance the experience.

Things to remember

Don’t book a pedicure if you have activities planned for the rest of the day. Some Spa-grade polishes (not Gel polish) take a few hours to dry completely, so you don’t want to be stuffing your feet into hiking boots and going on a long countryside walk.

Prices for a manicure and pedicure range from around £15 - £50 once again depending on the length of the session and products used.

Body Treatments

Covering a wide variety of procedures including scrubs, wraps and soaks. These can have a double whammy effect of being both exhilarating and relaxing. Whether you’re being wrapped in algae, having your skin polished, scrubbed with coffee and salt, or luxuriating in an aromatherapy hot stone massage, a body treatment is almost an essential part of an indulgent spa day.


Have a sauna or relax in the steam room before your body treatment. This will open up your pores, soothe your muscles and let you unwind, so you can fully benefit from the calming experience.

Body treatments can be booked on their own or as part of either a half or full day pampering session. Prices range from approximately £50 upwards.


Each spa offers a different experience for their guests with some providing more bizarre procedures than others. All of the resort spas above offer treatments for both men and women while Eden Spa at the Cheddar Woods resort also offers mini manicures and facials for children and teenagers.

Most of them also offer special soothing massages if you are pregnant so everyone is well-catered for.

Some of the resorts above also offer beauty treatments which includes, waxing, eyelash tinting and threading ideal for a special night out.

Final Thoughts

Booking a self-catering holiday doesn’t mean you have to forego any luxuries. These 6 resorts offer premium accommodation and 5 star facilities, along with your own private hot tub to unwind at the end of each day.

The pampering doesn’t stop there though; with their deluxe spa facilities and wide range of treatments guests can indulge in some quality “me time” whilst staying at a superb hot tub lodge at these top-class resorts and hotels in London and beyond.

Happy Spa-ing!