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Breathtaking Waterfalls in the Lake District

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The Lake District is undisputedly the most naturally beautiful location in England. With the stunning Lake District waterfalls, lakes and mountains set picturesquely covered and surrounded in every shade of green possible.

Each season bringing new countryside colours and dramatically changing this scene of serenity into an outburst of nature. Wild flowers and plants thrive here in this preservation of countryside paradise and the vivid colours changing throughout the seasons are something to appreciate. Not to mention the ever changing scents of spring summer, autumn and winter taking your senses to another place entirely.

Amazing National Park Waterfalls Not to Be Missed!

The waterfalls here, are of particular interest as there are so many and they are so beautiful, another wonderful creation from Mother Nature. People travel to the Lake District purposefully to see and visit the many waterfalls there are in Cumbria. The more famous waterfalls are visited by hundreds of people seasonally, the less well-known waterfalls are tackled by the more experienced hikers.

Taking a trip to The Lake District is highly recommended to anyone looking to catch the fresh air and some down time. It is also a place for those who enjoy outdoor activities, with an abundance of sporting options like mountaineering, hiking, canoeing, rock climbing and abseiling and many more readily available all year round.

Pre-Routed Walks near Waterfalls

If you’re new to mapping out your walks, choose from the routes already mapped out for you, reach stunning waterfalls any time of the year. The walks can take you to the most beautiful and popular waterfalls in Cumbria. With short and long routes which can take from a few hours to a full day, you can judge for yourself which will be best for you. It really is an experience to be had, reaching each waterfall at the end of a trail you have followed is a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

The Most Famous Waterfalls in The Lakes

With so many waterfalls to choose from it can be difficult to know where to spend your time whilst exploring this beautiful part of the country. Here we give you some insight into the most famous of the waterfalls and how to find them.

Stay In Cabins in the Lakes

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Scale Force (Highest)

The highest and most impressive waterfall in The Lake District is Scale Force, locals have adapted their title for the waterfalls to Forces. It is sandwiched between Crummock Water and Red Pike in a very pretty tree lined gauge. Its impressive heights reach 170 feet, with two separate falls at 20 feet and the water force puts on an amazing show after heavy rainfall, which is a regular occurrence in The Lake District.

It has been the favourite waterfall tourist attraction in The Lake District since the beginning of tourism routes in the area. The reason for the high volume of visitors is not only because it is the highest waterfall in the Lake District, but also because it is relatively easy to get to by foot which encourages both families and adult groups to visit.


These Keswick Falls Are Awesome!

The most beautiful waterfall is named Lodore Falls, also referred to as Keswick waterfalls and is located just above Derwenter in The Lakes. These falls have been popular since the Victorian times and a famous poet named Robert Southey who wrote a poem named The Cataract of Lodore in 1820 after becoming inspired by the waterfall. The water is not so impressive during dry spells.

Having said that, after a heavy downpour, the water cascades and flows fast over huge boulders spanning 100 feet and is a wonder to experience. Located in South Derwentwater, this pretty area is formed by the Beck of Watendlath Tarn. If you are to visit this spectacular waterfall, you will be expected to pay a little into the Honesty Box provided by the private owners of the private property that theses falls are situated on. It is a slightly longer walk to reach this waterfall in comparison to Scale Force but worth the walk entirely.


The Stupendous Aira Falls

Aira Force is one of the most famous waterfalls in The Lake District and I believe this is because of the location and surroundings from this site. The drop is 70 feet long from this waterfall and it flows with great force during rainy days. The water falls directly below a gorgeous little stone footbridge and the views from there are unique.

Overlooking a 1780’s built arboretum and beautifully perfectly landscaped Victorian garden. William Wordsworth was walking around this area when he wrote the famous poem ‘I wandered Lonely as A Cloud’, The Lake District was the main influence for him throughout his career and he lived out his days in a little cottage close to Lake Windermere. When you walk this trail, you can get a feeling of inspiration the way William Wordsworth would have, you can almost imagine how relaxed and at peace he was here while creating his masterpiece.


Rydal Falls

Rydal Falls is located close to Rydal Mount which is a favourite landmark to visit. It is know well as the final home of the poet William Wordsworth and the trail to Rydal Falls takes you past his house where he lived out the last 37 years of his life. You will find a beautiful fall as you approach Rydal Falls and then as you climb the past and cross a pretty footbridge, you reach the top and the spectacular larger waterfalls are revealed. Purely from the amount of visitors Rydal falls gets each year, this is clearly the favourite waterfall in Cumbria!

It’s is an interesting and historical trail to take. If you are parking, it is advised to park up further away during summer seasons as the lane leading off the A591 is often jam packed and too full to park up. There is a parking lot across a bridge on the A591 south of Rydal Mount which is easily accessible on foot from Rydal falls.

These falls are one of the favourite falls for swimmers to go for a dip in the natural spring water on a warmer day, some in groups and some in couples, all making fantastic memories!


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What Equipment Do You Need?

When taking a trail to The Lake District Waterfalls, it is highly recommended to be prepared for all eventualities. Walking long distance, you will need the relevant footwear and clothing along with hiking equipment in case you end up needing it. Luckily, these trails and hikes have been carefully mapped out for you by experts who have taken these routes millions of times over the centuries and the experts give plenty of logistical advice and tips as to what you will need.

Don’t Forget These!

A good backpack which can fit all of your equipment and is waterproof is the best option, so you can take everything wherever you go.

Bringing your mobile phone to The Lake District is recommended, even though you may not get good enough signal while closer to The Lakes, when you get closer to the Villages on your hike, you should be able to pick up a good 3G signal. Dotted around on some routes you will find information centres which provide Wi-Fi spots for when you’re not close enough to a village.

Stick It In The Family Album

A camera is a must, even if it’s just one person from your group, make sure it is fully charged and has a lot of space because you will be wanting to capture the beauty of this place everywhere you turn!

Preparation is Key

Clothing should be considered as the most important thing to be careful with. Even during the summer season, The Lake district is very cool during the afternoon into the evening. Layer up for warmth, if it is a warmer day, take a fleece or light jumper in your back pack for later.

Jeans are thick and good at keeping the heat in, during winter months it is recommended to wear leggings under your jeans or thermal underwear or long johns. Gloves, a scarf and a hat will help you to stay warm during the cold too.

Water resistant coats are highly recommended, even when the sky doesn’t look as though it is threatening to rain, you may be surprised later when there is nowhere to take cover.

Foot wear is going to make the difference to you having a good day or getting stuck far away in uncomfortable shoes and having to hurt your feet to get back to your camp/guesthouse or vehicle to change. Invest in good walking boots for the best guarantee of having a great experience and not letting sore blistered feet become the thing that you’re concentrating on in this beautiful district. Think of comfort, strength for rocky walks and good ankle support when purchasing or choosing your footwear.

Take some swimwear and a towel to dry off if you want to take a dip in the lake or waterfalls during your trip to the National Park waterfalls in The Lake District.

What You Need

Taking a paper map and a compass will inevitably save you should you find you have wandered off the trail and are lost. The fun of following a good old fashioned map is a great challenge and a good way to bond with others as you figure out your routes together.

Walking over rough terrain for miles to the Cumbrian Waterfalls on inclines will have you burning energy no end. This is great for your health, but you need to replace those blood sugars and the liquid you will inevitably be using up. Take energising snacks and drinking water, take regular stops to fuel up and make sure you are sipping water throughout your walk to stay safely hydrated.

Take a high powered torch in case you end up coming back after sundown, there are plenty of beautiful sights but once the sun is not in the sky, you could find yourself getting lost in the dark and with all the uneven terrain you would need to see where you are going as hazards are everywhere.
Make sure you have spare batteries for your electrical equipment and chargers for your mobiles. There are places to charge up in the information centres.

A First Aid pack with plasters, bandages, sunscreen and antiseptic creams/sprays should be taken by at least one person in every group. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and you should see to any sprains, cuts or wounds immediately. Keep your eyes peeled for danger and try to stay safe but be prepared with equipment to deal with trips and falls.


What’s the biggest waterfall in The Lake District?
Scale Force is the biggest waterfall in The Lake District. It is 170ft in height and has an impressive 120m elevation range.

How Many Waterfalls in The Lakes?
There are an endless number of small and large waterfalls in the Lake District with at least 20 of them being the more popular ones to visit. The smaller ones are around every corner and so the tranquil and therapeutic sound of falling water is to be heard almost everywhere around The Lakes.

What’s the Most Hidden Waterfall?
Tongue Pot Waterfalls is located in a cleft of a mountain named Mountain Beck where Lincove Beck meets the Esk and creates a cave like opening. The huge oak tree which nestles the pebbled beach provides a great place to hang and drop from into the water. It is a little harder to get to but worth the views all the same!

Once you have began your waterfall hunt in The Lake District, it really can become something of an addiction. The sounds of the moving waters and the scenic views of the surroundings are something of a natural piece of art.

Seeing some of the more popular waterfalls is a great way to start, then why not plan out your own trails to the less frequented falls for more of a private and romantic or adventurous trip? There are clear and easy to read maps available online and in the information centers at The Lake District. Ticking off the waterfalls you have seen, and ones of interest can become an exhilarating new hobby for anyone including children and adults alike.