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Self catering continues to be big business, especially as more and more people are looking for something a bit more independent and perhaps away from the “resort” feel of all-inclusive type packages. Self-catering cottages in particular are very popular, perhaps because a hotel may be luxurious and comfortable, but they never feel exactly homely. Renting a cottage is a good way to have all the luxuries you may find in hotel, if you want them, but with that warm and inviting feel. makes the bold claim that they have the biggest choice of cottages from coast to country. With in excess of 30 years experience in the business though, it would be hard to argue their claim. As well as the UK and Ireland, as you'd expect, the company has expanded to include luxury self-catering cottages on mainland Europe in Italy and France. Whether you are looking for that small and cosy little cottage for that romantic break for two or are looking for something to accommodate the whole family or a large group of friends, can help.

Special Offers And Discounts

The only thing better than taking that much needed, well earned holiday away from your normal weekly schedule of work, school etc. is knowing that you didn't pay full price and made some kind of saving on it.

Although you will not hear about their cancellations so easily and there are only a few voucher codes available, the main thrust of how you save money through (and old site Cottages4You) is by taking advantage of their listed late deals and special offers.

Late Deals And Offers

This is where you will find the majority of the biggest discounts are offering at any given time. You can expect to find anything from 10% to 30% off selected locations and properties for over the next 2 months. The thing to remember is that these prices don't drop any more the closer you get to the dates, they are fixed so if you see a deal that takes your fancy, rather than waiting out to see if it improves, it is better to snap it up there and then to ensure you get the benefit of the saving.

Low Deposits

Lower deposits are probably the most commonly used discount by and Cottages4You. Often this kind of deal exists to encourage you to book your holiday for the following year in advance, but even if it's not a full year they expect you to book advance by at least 4 months and that you pay the remaining deposit you owe and the balance at least 8 weeks before you travel. Although it could be argued that you don't save much on your holiday this way, it does make it a lot easier for you to pay for it as it is spreading the cost out over many months.

The deal that seems to appear most is a deposit of £25 per person, although there are times when offer some of their properties for no deposit at all.

Discount Codes

Although there are not many discount codes available for both and Cottages4You, there are some if you look hard enough for them. Through Everyone Active for instance, you can get a 10% discount of any Cottages4You booking by providing the code MEMB10 over the phone or by clicking through to This particular code is only valid with new bookings and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers that the company are running at the moment.


From time to time, you will find that run competitions and the best thing about these competitions is that the prizes are almost always holidays and if they aren't completely free the prize entitles you to a massive discount. Currently, as have been nominated for the very prestigious British Travel Awards 2016 in the Best UK Holiday Cottage Booking Company, the company are offering their customers and visitors to the site a chance to win a holiday break and all you have to do is click on a link that takes you to the British Travel Awards vote slip and just by filling in the details you will be included in the prize draw and could win a holiday.

Follow Online

While it makes sense to always check out the Late Deals & Offers section of, you may not have enough time always to do that. If this is the case you can also keep abreast of any special offers, discounts or promotions the company is running by following them on Twitter and liking their Facebook page. This will also help you to stay up to date with new properties they hay have added to their portfolio, time-limited sales and various competitions they run throughout the year. Unlike some companies, do update their social media accounts regularly, so you can always be sure that as soon as a particular offer is available, you will hear about it through one of those platforms.

Newsletter Sign up

If you are not the biggest fan of social media in the world, there is still another way to stay informed about deals and offers the company may be offering or running. This way the email with all the information will be delivered straight to your in-box regularly with details on various current discounts, late availability deals, seasonal offers and any other special offers, as well as competitions and company news. There is no obligation regarding the receipt of these newsletters so the emails start to bug you, you just need to click on the unsubscribe like found in each and every email.

Cottages4You To

Before it took on the name, the company was known as Cottages4You and it was under that moniker that it gained the bulk of its experience in the holiday letting market. Cottages4You was popular and this was obviously one of the reasons why larger companies were looking to buy it. It was only after the recent acquisition by American travel, tourism and accommodation heavyweights Wyndham Vacation Rentals, that the name was changed and they had that backing behind them to boost their number of bookings and customers dramatically.

Only The Best Locations

The company has around 14,000 holiday cottages on its portfolio, so it is unlikely even if you were particularly fussy, that you wouldn't find somewhere nice to go for a break. Not only are the properties themselves properly vetted and hand-picked to give their customers the best possible experience renting from them, but the locations have been carefully decided upon as the location of a holiday very much determines what kind of holiday it will be.


The company knows that customers are at the heart of their success and if their customers are happy, they will be successful. They also understand that there is more to a cottage holiday than simply finding a nice cottage, which is why their site is designed in such a way to help you find holiday properties based on various criteria.

What Sets Apart From The Competition?

As noted above, the company's website has been specially designed so that if you know exactly what you want from your cottage break you can use the fully-optimised search feature to find the right cottage in no time at all. From the most northern points of Scotland to the most southern of England, and all between, as well as Ireland and Wales and even France and Italy, you are bound to find a property wherever you are wanting to holiday.

However, if you need a little inspiration and are feeling overwhelmed by the sheer choice available, you can check out the various 'collections' they put together on the site. If you don't really know what you want but have an important piece of criteria that needs to be met such as Child-Friendly, Pet-Friendly etc., this feature is ideal.


You will notice that has a similar layout to much of their competition, you can search by location as you can on other sites, and there is no shortage of destinations to choose from whether you are looking for something in Scotland, England, Wales or Ireland; or are looking to go further afield across the channel to mainland Europe and properties in France and Italy. However, the more intriguing and interesting way to search for a great cottage to let in a great destination is by searching via what they refer to as their 'collections'. These are specially grouped together properties that share a feature in common.

Cottage Inspiration

Cottages with their Own Hot Tubs

There are around 500 different properties in England alone that feature hot tubs, with many hundreds more elsewhere. It sounds like some kind of bliss to be able to enjoy the beautiful British countryside from a warm bubbling tub. Worried about the rain or cold weather affecting your enjoyment of the hot tub? No need to worry as there are outdoor hot tubs with many properties, but also indoor ones too.

Dog-Friendly Holiday Cottages

It is not just humans who need a holiday away from the stress and humdrum of everyday life; your dog does too. When dogs are left alone, unless they are left with friends or family, they miss you. The most scenic parts of the British countryside are so perfect for enjoying with your beloved pet that it would almost be a crime for you not to take advantage of it and bring him or her along.

Dog friendly cottages always feature amenities that will help your dog feel right at home, such as large enclosed gardens that will enable them to let off steam even when you aren't heading out somewhere and accommodation is normally situated near various dog-Friendly pubs too so you never had to leave him or her at home while you go for a meal.

Swimming Holiday Cottages

If a jacuzzi or hot tub is not quite enough for you to really feel like you are escaping to some place different from your normal life, you may want to look at a particular collection of properties that feature swimming pools. Regardless of whether you want a pool that you can just enjoy on a daily basis or want one to help take the edge off the hot summer weather you can find the property with a swimming pool of your dreams.

Perhaps you are worried about being caught in the cold or wet weather in an outside pool. You don't need to worry, as many feature indoor pools. A swimming pool is a nice addition to help give a more luxurious feeling of escapism to the natural home away from home atmosphere you get with a cottage rental holiday.

Large Holiday Cottages

Although their normal range of cottages varies from the relatively small to big enough for a small family, if you are planning a holiday with larger group of family or friends, and don't want to end up separated in different locations, you should check out the collection of properties on offer that are big enough for large groups. In addition to the increased floor space, you will find a full range of extra features for all your guests to enjoy from games rooms and home cinemas to the aforementioned swimming pools and jacuzzis.

It can be fun to go on holiday on your own or as part of a relatively small group, the whole holiday dynamic can change in very positive ways if you go as part of a larger group. Especially when you choose some of of the fun-filled areas of the UK.

Luxury Holiday Cottages

For an extremely high class holiday, you should check out the luxury holiday cottages with hot tubs. Not only are the locations the most scenic, but the properties themselves feature all the best facilities, gadgets, games, furnishings and fixtures. For a truly out of this world experience you could find a luxury cottage to let that comes with the option to hire a personal chef as well as many of the extra features previously covered above such as swimming pools, hot tubs and home cinemas.

A change is as good as the rest or so the saying goes. When you book one of these luxury cottages, you have more than just a simple change, it could give you a completely different experience compared to your day to day living.

Baby And Toddler Friendly Holiday Cottages

Regardless of whether you are the parents or grandparents of young children and toddlers, you may be wanting to get away from it all. That way they get their first experience of all that time they have to spend with the people they love who are usually busy with work and normal activities. As well as creating some memories with your young family, it also works to a dual purpose of giving you a chance to recharge and unwind. The great thing about opting for one of the many hundreds of properties listed for this collection is that you don't need to bring all of your baby and toddler paraphernalia with you to have a great holiday.

We ensure that all baby and toddler friendly properties feature bath mats, stair gates, high chairs, enclosed gardens, blackout curtains or blinds and other safety and baby essentials. When you take all of this into consideration, plus the fact that the locations of these holidays are in some of the most pristinely beautiful parts of the country, can you really pass up on the chance for a bit of a break for you and your little ones?

Seasonal Cottages

Perhaps you want to choose when and where and the various features your rented holiday cottage may have based on the time of year. If this is the case, you should check out the collection entitled Seasonal Cottages and the sub-sections devoted to each of the four seasons. SO if you are a fan of seeing the new leaves and plants starting to grow through and the early hints of the sunshine that might come in summer, but without the heat or you want to make the most of the summer when it arrives, you could choose a Spring or Summer orientated cottage. On the opposite end of things though, you will also find exactly what you want if you are looking for something a little cooler towards the end of the year, or fancy a snowy getaway somewhere beautiful, with their selection of Autumn and Winter cottages.

Special Occasions

It may be that you have a special occasion that you wish to mark with a special holiday somewhere beautiful to make it even more memorable. Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve/Day are obviously two of the most popular special occasions of the year. So why not celebrate in style under the stars in some remote part of the English, Scottish, Irish or Welsh countryside with a fully modern cottage. As the properties available vary from those for just 1 or 3 people to fully accessorised and luxurious complexes capable of housing up to 30 people maximum, you will be able to find a holiday home that is the perfect setting in the perfect location for your special occasion.

School Holidays

As there are many properties designed and marketed towards families with children of all ages, they put together a special collection of properties and locations for kids to visit at the best time of the year, as far as kids are concerned – School holidays. So if you are at a loss what to do with your kids on their days off, you should definitely look into this selection of ideal properties and locations covering most of the main break and holiday times throughout the year such as February, May and October half term and Easter, Christmas and Summer.

As well as helping them to have those great memories they will remember for many years to come, possibly the rest of their lives; you also give them a chance to blow off all that built up steam while recharging your own batteries.


With Wyndham Rentals fully behind they will undoubtedly continue to be one of the leading brands in the holiday cottage letting market and with that in mind we are looking forward to helping you find some great deals.

This particularly page has been specially tagged as our special offers page and we will update it regularly for new visitors and returning visitors alike. If you are a big fan of's services and properties then you should bookmark this page so that you never miss out on special offers, discounts and last minute deals.

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