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Best Places To Visit and Holiday In England (Expert Round Up)

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Everyone loves a good holiday at home or little trip away! But what really are the best places to visit in England?

We are often left scratching our heads over the old UK cities map for new ideas when holidaying at home.

  • Where are the best points of interest?
  • Good places in winter?
  • Best destinations to visit in summer?
  • Best places to visit in UK with kids?
  • Top places to visit in UK for couples?

We hear you!

Our experts answer all your questions below:

So we wanted to bring you the very best cities in the UK and places to holiday in England.

But we had a small problem!

Although we are passionate about hot tub holidays across the UK. We would be naive to think we can know or can even research all the nice places to stay in England and not miss a fair few amazing spots. Also rather than just listing the most beautiful places we wanted to go deeper and find all the top things to do, and tourist attractions in these great holiday spots. 

So in our search for the best places to holiday in England we reached to all the leading UK travel bloggers. This is the exact question we asked them;

If you could only holiday in one place at home for the rest of time.

Where would that special place be?

We received 44 responses and boy, didn’t they give us some fantastic feedback...for that we thank them!

So, What's to see in England?

These top bloggers are very well traveled especially across the UK.

They know the spots to visit in summer, winter, spring and autumn. When it comes to the United Kingdom destinations for a sneaky break or a mini holiday is their expertise. 

If anybody was going to be able to share some special somewhat under the radar places then it was going to be this group.

Results For The Top Places To Go On Holiday In England ( As Voted By 44 Experts)

#1 London - 8 votes

#2 The Lake District - 7 Votes

#3 Devon & Cornwall - 5 votes each

#4 The Cotswold's - 3 votes

They gave us some of the winning destinations for couples, top places to visit with kids and much much more.

Select the opinion from your favourite travel expert and see what England points of interest they came up with.

Or make yourself a cup of coffee and get comfy!

Scrolling through some of these answers will not only show you some amazing cities for mini breaks but also break down little places of interest in England that you may not have considered.

So without any further rambling from me I give the top holiday getaways and best cities in Britain to visit.

Responses listed in no particular order:

Read on to discover each experts chosen holiday destination and discover why they have picked that place. Most of the bloggers have really contributed well and have not only given their preferred holiday spot but all went into excellent detail of what to do and see.

Rest assured we have plenty things to see in England outside of London, we love the capital but check out these:

Gary Ardnt - "I'd probably pick a place on the Devon Coast"

I'd probably pick a place on the Devon Coast. If I couldn't go anywhere else for the end of time, I'd probably want to be near the sea.

Read more about Gary's choice "The Devon Coast Here"

Jessica and Laurence - "I'd choose London!"

I'd choose London! I love culture, history and museums, and London just has so much of all three, not to mention there's always something to do, from walking in a park to taking in the latest West End performance. There are also the greatest number of restaurants, and you can always find a new place to eat in London. It's definitely a city you could spend your whole life exploring and never quite see it all!

And we agree! London is definitely one of best cities in UK to live and tour. If it's a holiday then check out this must see article on the top 10 things to see in London.

Read more about Jessica and Laurence's choice "London Here"

Monica Stott - "I'd holiday would be the Isles of Scilly!"

The one place in England I'd holiday would be the Isles of Scilly, just off the coast of Cornwall. These beautiful islands feel more like Caribbean islands than anywhere in Britain. The beaches are made of soft, white sands and the sea is blue and clear. Temperatures are often warmer than the rest of the UK so there are tropical plants and animals you don't find anywhere else. Each island has its own charm and personality but they're all amazingly relaxed and welcoming. It's a gorgeous place to rent a big holiday cottage on the beach and bring your whole family for a week.

Read more about Monica's choice "The Isles of Scilly"

Suze - "I'd choose the Cotswolds!"

There are so many great areas in the UK but I'd choose the Cotswolds as I used to live there and love the picturesque villages with their cottages built from golden coloured stones.

Read more about Suze's choice "The Cotswolds"

Ana - "South Devon has a very special place in my heart!"

South Devon has a very special place in my heart. Why? Because half of my husband’s family is based there and I get to visit a few times a year. I love Exeter as a city - pleasant to the eye and nowadays the shopping is so good, it really adds something to my weekends in this part of the world. I am also very partial to Salcombe, with its quirky shops, pubs and incredible sea views.

Read more about Ana's choice "South Devon"

Em Sheldon - "I'd say London as it never gets boring!"

I'd say London as it never gets boring - there's always something different to do and even quiet, green places aren't too far to visit!

We'd also agree here, London has to be one of the top places for couples to go for the day

Read more about Em's choice "London Here"

Laurence Norah - "I'd go with the Lake District!"

If I could only go with one place in the UK I'd go with the Lake District. I love the mountains there, as a photographer I find the landscapes fantastic, and the light is ever changing. It has cute B&B's as well as some gorgeous campsites, plentiful walking opportunities and loads of dining options. I don't think I'd get bored!

Read more about Laurence's choice "The Lake District"

Sarah Hughes - "I would pick the county of Devon!"

Having been born and raised in Great Britain there are many destinations near and dear to my heart. However if forced to pick just one area to holiday in I would pick the county of Devon.This small but diverse corner of the country boasts many of the attributes I look for in a balanced holiday. In Devon you can breathe in the fresh sea air along the English Riviera, trek the hills and dales of the National Parks, stop by several UNESCO World Heritage Sites and step back in time as you explore the medieval towns and Roman ruins.

Read more about Laurence's choice " Devon Here"

Beth & Gaz - "If we could only holiday in the UK in one place it would be Devon!"

If we could only holiday in the UK in one place it would be Devon. As Gaz and I are keen surfers, we love visiting the north Devon coast line, Bude, in particular, to catch some waves and enjoy life by the seaside. Dartmoor is also a great place to go to get away from it all, driving across the moors and catching a glimpse of the wild ponies is a nice escape from the busy life we lead in London.

Read more about Beth and Gaz's choice " Devon Here "

Macca - "I Love the old market villages of Suffolk!"

Being a city boy from London, I absolutely love getting out into the country and exploring the old market villages of Suffolk. With cute little spots like Lavenham and Long Melford, these places are like stepping back in time with old cobbled streets and wonky Tudor houses. One of the things I really enjoy is discovering all of the ancient pubs that go back centuries and having a pint or two (or a few!) Whenever I have any foreign friends over to stay I love taking them here. To me, this is the real England.

Read more about Macca's choice " Suffolk Here "

Nichola West - "For me it would have to be Cornwall!"

If I could only holiday in one place, for the rest of time, for me it would have to be Cornwall. I adore the beaches around Falmouth which are sandy and perfect for sandcastle building and the quaint fishing-village feel of Charlestown with its crashing coastline, perfect for treasure hunting and imagining the ship wreckers of centuries ago. The Eden Project near St Austell is one of my favourite locations to wander in every season, this huge contained rainforest just fills me with wonder every time I go. And no trip would be complete without a Cornish pasty, the beautiful pastry shaped crescent filled with hot potatoes, cheese and onions and served with a sea view and pint of cold cider to wash it down. Perfect!

Read more about Nichola's choice " Cornwall Here "

Angie Silver - "I totally fell in love with Cornwall!"

I totally fell in love with Cornwall when I visited earlier in the year, with it's white sandy beaches, gorgeous walks and fantastic seafood restaurants. I'd highly recommend a stay at adult-only hotel, The Scarlet which boasts cliff top hot tubs with an incredible view.

Read more about Angie's choice " Cornwall "

Heather Cowper - "St Mawes in Cornwall is one of my favourite!"

St Mawes in Cornwall is one of my favourite destinations, especially for an out of season break when the crowds have gone home. I've stayed a couple of times with the fabulous St Mawes Retreats enjoying views over the sailing boats bobbing in the bay, watching the ferry go back and forth to Falmouth and the St Anthony's Head lighthouse winking on the headland. With cliff walks, beaches and gorgeous gardens nearby it's quite a magical place to be beside the sea.

Read more about Heather's choice " St Mawes He r e "

Victoria Welton - "It would have to be Polperro!"

With it's quaint streets and picturesque harbour, if I could only holiday in one place for the rest of time then it would have to be Polperro. It is surrounded by some beautiful coastal walks and I would also have my fair share of traditional pubs which serve the freshest seafood - my favourite! Oh, and of course, Cornish pasties, cream teas and ice cream. It would also mean easy access to the beautiful nearby beach of Looe which are safe, clean and brilliant. Which makes this one of the top UK holiday destinations for families.

Read more about Victoria's choice "Polperro "

Paul - "The Lake District without a shadow of doubt!"

If you could only holiday in one place for the rest of time, where would that special place be? The Lake District without a shadow of doubt. Our day would start with yoga on the terrace of our log cabin overlooking one of the lakes. After a hearty breakfast we would get down to writing. With no distractions to make us procrastinate, we would write up until lunch time, which we would have in a local pub. After a lakeside walk we would get back to the cabin to answer e-mails and receive our monthly supply of books. In the evening we would cook dinner and retire to our hot tub to look up at the stars. Ah, the perfect day.

The Lakes is also one of the top romantic places in England to propose

Read more about Paul's choice "The Lake District Here"

Natalie - "It would have to be the Cotswolds!"

It would have to be the Cotswolds. Not only are they filled with quaint houses and quaint shops, there are also dozens of historical sites within easy driving distance. You can spend one day picnicking by the River Windrush in Burton-on-the-Water and then go sightseeing at Bletchley Park, Blenheim Palace, or Bath the next. For me, the Cotswolds offer everything that I love about England: rich history, incredible natural beauty, a close-knit community, and plenty stops to linger over afternoon tea!

Read more about Natalie's choice " Cotswolds "

Ting Dalton - "It would have to be Whitstable in Kent!"

There are so many regions in the UK that I adore from the quaint villages and rolling hills in the Cotswolds, or the stunning seascapes in Cornwall and Devon. But if I had to pick a special place it would have to be Whitstable in Kent. Not only is the pebble beach from Whistable Seafront to Tankerton the epitome of the British seaside, but there are a plethora of quaint shops and restaurants that appeal to the real foodie in me. Only an hour or so from London, it's a perfect escape from the city, and I never tire of it.

Read more about Ting's choice " Whistable, Kent "

Chloe Gunning - "The place that became really special was Bantham!"

As a kid, all my holidays were spent in the UK (I guess that's what happens when your mum is scared of flying!) The place that became really special was Bantham in South Devon. It's a totally magical beach village with a pretty estuary, huge sandy beach, plenty of rock pools and even an island you can travel to by boat or sea tractor. I've not been back in years but it's somewhere I'd love to return to, not only to relive some of the old memories, but to make a few new ones too!

Read more about Chloe's choice "Bantham, South Devon "

Danielle - "I would say the Lake District!"

I would say the Lake District, even though it isn’t actually that far away from where I live. There is so much to see and do there, and sometimes you can even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. If you want to enjoy a relaxing picnic by the lake, then you can, or if you want to do something a little more active, you could go hiking in the woods. There is no end to the experiences you can have in that part of the world and the Lake District National Park was largely preserved by children’s author Beatrix Potter – so keep an eye open for Peter Rabbit the next time you’re there.

Read more about Danielle's choice " The Lake District "

Lucy Dodsworth - "I'd choose would be Dorset!"

My one place I'd choose would be Dorset. It's got a stunning coastline, with the fossil-strewn Jurassic Coast, the perfect arch of Lulworth Cove and the seaside resort of Weymouth. And if you want a change from the beach there are ruined castles like Corfe Castle and the nature reserve of Brownsea Island with its red squirrels to explore. It's got Cornwall-style boutique hotels, artists studios and local wineries but without the huge crowds.

Read more about Lucy's choice "Dorset Here "

Maria Belfort - "It would have to be St Agnes in Cornwall!"

It would have to be St Agnes in Cornwall. It’s a small fishing community- the perfect place to enjoy a fresh Cornish ice-cream, watch the fishermen loading their lobster pots and heading out to sea, all while enjoying incredible views. This quaint little village, set in lush landscapes and part of a devastatingly beautiful coastline would be my ultimate destination.

Read more about Maria's choice "St Agnes, Cornwall "

Shell Robshaw-Bryan - "It's got to be the Lake District!"

For me, it's got to be the Lake District. As a lover of both camping and hill walking, it's a location that I could never get tired of. The landscape just begs to be explored, and you'll always find and see something new there. Last time we camped in Eskdale for example, we could hear the sound of water. Curious we went off for a walk and followed the sound of water, only to find ourselves a few minutes later at the stunning Stanley Force Waterfall! No matter where you go, you'll find breath-taking beauty at every turn. Next time you need to recharge your batteries, make your way to the Lake District for a nature-based mini adventure and don't forget your camera!

Read more about Shell's choice "The Lake District "

Char Taylor - "The Lake District gets my vote!"

The Lake District gets my vote. It's such a beautiful place that feels like a million miles away from everyday life (and that’s what you want in a getaway, right?!).
Even though it's only a short drive away from my home the gorgeous hills and seemingly never-ending lakes always make me feel like I've left the country. Coupled with the fact that there are some seriously stylish hideaways in this part of the UK and that all ages are catered for thanks to the varying walks and sports, it really is a dreamy destination. I absolutely can’t recommend it enough.

Read more about Char's choice "The Lake District"

Hannah - "I could quite happily holiday again and again in Norfolk!"

"The place I'd choose would be Norfolk, more specifically the northern part around Hunstanton. It's absolutely beautiful up there and the beaches still have their wildness unlike southern UK beaches and Cornwall. Even on a busy summer's day the beaches aren't too packed!
It's not all about the beaches though, the Sandringham Estate has plenty of woodland to wander and there's some incredible food up in Norfolk! From Norfolk roasted coffee, to Norfolk chorizo, cheeses, chutneys and so much more I could quite happily holiday again and again in Norfolk!"

Read more about Hannah's choice "Norfolk Here "

Jenny Lowthrope - "The coastal towns of Whitby and Scarborough!"

The north east coast would be my holiday spot of choice, most specifically the coastal towns of Whitby and Scarborough. I have fond memories as a child riding donkeys on the beach and eating ice cream on the pier. I still visit both regularly, now eating fish and chips in the sunshine (or rain!) and watching the traditional fishermen come in with the day's catch. A ride on the pirate ship is a must for the friendly faced captain who shouts out to passers by whilst riding the Yorkshire waves. There are tonnes of cute craft shops too, I would love a seaside themed holiday cottage there one day. You are only a short drive from York, one of my favourite cities, not to mention walks on the Yorkshire Moors or along the coast. I can't get bored there and feel quite at home.

Read more about Jenny's choice "North East England "

Weekend Candy - "The Northumberland coast!"

The Northumberland coast has to be one of the most beautiful places in England and I would happily go again and again and again. Think low-lying heather-covered dunes; mighty half-savage fortresses; wild blue-grey seas, and miles and miles of powder-white beaches. Northumberland's coast lies 64 miles north of Newcastle and sweeps up all the way to the Scottish Border. Along the way it's seamed with castle-cradled towns and traditional fishing villages. My favourites places to visit are: Bamburgh, Seahouses, Lindisfarne and Beadnell. Trust me, go once to Northumberland, and you'll leave a chunk of your heart there forever.

Read more about Claire's choice "Northumberland "

Lisa Imogen Eldridge - "For me, London will never lose its magic!"

Call me biased but after travelling to 106 countries, I still believe that London is one of the best cities in the UK. Not just because it’s the capital of my home country but because of its history, its architecture and its endless markets and museums. I love watching the performers at Covent Garden, relaxing in a British pub along the Thames in summer, and enjoying a traditional afternoon tea in colonial surroundings. It’s not as expensive as everyone thinks either and can be seen on a budget with free museums and cheap theatre tickets. For me, London will never lose its magic.

Read more about Lisa's choice " London Here "

Brenna Holeman - "It would be London!"

I know this is going to sound contrived, but if I could holiday in only one place in for the rest of my life, it would be London. Since moving here over three years ago, I have fallen in love with the city again and again... and yet I'm very aware of how much of it I still haven't seen. It's the kind of city where there's always something new, unusual, and/or exciting happening, and I'm constantly inspired by the diverse group of people who call London home. From amazing restaurants to intriguing galleries to lively festivals, I think I could explore London for the rest of my life and never be bored.

Read more about Brenna's choice " London "

Karen Bell - "The New Forest is our ultimate holiday location!"

The New Forest is our ultimate holiday location in England. The area has so much variety, offering things to do and places explore, suitable for any age, young and old.
The countryside is beautiful and peaceful, providing a wonderful opportunity to get close to nature, especially with all the wild ponies around. The new Forest offers everything a family can want from active holidays, to quiet beaches.
We go the area several times a year and always have done. It is a special place, full of beauty, fun and adventure as well as peace and tranquility.

Read more about Karen's choice "The New Forest "

Emma - "Bath, how I love thee!"

Bath, how I love thee. Honey coloured Georgian Terraces, the fascinating history, the infamous Sally Lunn Buns, the ability to day trip from London, the year-round Christmas Bauble shop, the industrial heritage dotted about the landscape, the etheral glow of Bath Cathedral lit up at night, hanging out near Johnny Depp's house in the Grand Circus, relaxation in the ancient Roman bath spa itself and of course the canals threading through the city centre.

Read more about Emma's choice "Bath Here"

Savi and Vid - "Would have to be London!"

We thought hard about this but agreed that the place would have to be London since it has such a special place in our hearts 🙂
“London is one of those places that offers something to every kind of traveller. Be it architecture, history, food, or beautiful sites - London has it all. If you crave nature, there are plenty of day trip options that will take you into the lap of mother nature - think blossoming lavender fields, bluebell patches, and beautiful coastal hikes. One of our favourite, and arguably one of the nice ways to spend an evening in London is to walk along river Thames soaking in all the historical landmarks that make London the gorgeous place it is. As Samuel Johnson rightly said: If you’re bored of London, you’re bored of Life”

Read more about Savi and Vid's choice " London Here "

Karen Warren - "My choice would be the North York Moors!"

My choice would be the North York Moors. Here you have some of the most beautiful countryside in England, from forests and heather-clad hills to the cliffs of the Yorkshire coastline. It’s a walker’s paradise, with miles of footpaths and an ideal holiday with dogs. But it’s not just about the countryside. History lovers can enjoy exploring the industrial heritage, old country towns and ruined castles and abbeys. Then there’s the North York Moors Railway, with its preserved steam trains and a station that featured in the Harry Potter films. And did I mention the tiny villages with their traditional pubs where you can enjoy a peaceful drink and a home-cooked meal…

Read more about Karen's choice " The North York Moors"

Sam - "I would have to choose Bristol!"

I would have to choose Bristol. With a vibrant art, music and vegan food scene, it’s one of the cities in England I feel most comfortable in each time I visit, and despite having grown up in London, it somehow feels more like home than the capital! While I do like being out in nature, I’m much more of a city person , so I would definitely want to spend my time in a diverse and cosmopolitan city. I feel that while Bristol definitely is that, it’s also not so big that getting around the city takes too long (something which I always find frustrating with London), but at the same time it’s surrounded by beautiful and accessible countryside.

Read more about Sam and Zab's choice " Bristol Here "

Emily Ray - "It would undoubtedly be Scarborough!"

If I had to choose just one place, it would undoubtedly be Scarborough. Aside from having friends up there – and a host of family holiday memories – I firmly believe it's one of the best places to be in England. You've got the seaside, a medieval castle, a Japanese-style landscaped park...and even the occasional fair. Drive 10 minutes down the road, and you'll also find yourself in the North York Moors National Park for unrivalled country views.

Read more about Emily's choice " Scarborough "

Carly Morson - "I love Norfolk for it’s great beaches!"

I love Norfolk for it’s great beaches, it’s quaint little villages and the wildlife.
You can find some amazing beaches in Norfolk from Brancaster to the sand dunes at Winterton-On-Sea and the villages with the pebble fronted cottages are lovely to wander around! You can watch seals as they come to give birth on Horsey Gap beach or popping their heads out the sea to say hello at any other time...and if you’re lucky you may even catch a glimpse of the Harbour Porpoise swimming along.

Read more about Carly's choice "Norfolk Here "

Lucy Ruthnum - "Norfolk is my favourite place!"

I'd probably have to say Norfolk is my favourite place in England. I'm probably biased as I've grown up there but in my eyes you cannot find a better place to holiday or grow up - it's packed full of exciting woodland to discover, trim trails for the kids and even the big kids among us, there's no end of wild, rugged coastline to spend sunny days walking, cycling or building sandcastles along. And don't get me started on the stunning, old fashioned Norfolk villages - the perfect place to grab a Mr Whippy ice cream and fish and chips as the sun sets. Highlights of the North Norfolk coast to check out include Wells, Old Hunstanton, Thornham, Burnham Overy Staithe, Brancaster - and so many more. Get yourself off the beaten path and explore a hugely underrated part of the English coastline perfect for all ages - I love it just as much as an adult as I ever did when I was a child.

Read more about Lucy's choice " Norfolk Here "

Liz Stark - "Cornwall is my all time favourite!"

Cornwall is my all time favourite. It's a county bursting with beautiful beaches, windswept coastline and delicious local food. Everyone is really friendly and owning a dog is essential. Expect to say hello to every person you pass out walking. My favourite local spots are Gwithian and Crantock on the north coast and pretty Falmouth on the south coast. And the good thing? Because it takes so long to get there Cornwall is relatively quiet year round! So expect beaches to rival the Mediterranean, but without the crowds.

Read more about Liz's choice " Cornwall Here "

Catherine - "I'm going to have to say the Yorkshire Dales!"

Oooooh this was a tricky one! I considered the Lake District of course, but I'm going to have to say the Yorkshire Dales, if I'm allowed to pick something that big! It's one of the biggest National Parks in England, so enough to keep me occupied for the rest of time, I'd hope. It holds very fond memories for me of walking the Pennine Way, Coast to Coast and Dales Way, and I'd love to revisit some of those gorgeous areas. There's enough space and wildness in there to feel like you're the only person on earth, and a glorious mix of green lush dales, windswept moors and rounded hills, the kind of walking I love. I love the sheep, the dry stone walls, and the patchwork fields... not to mention cosy pubs and plentiful tea shops too. Yes, I think that would keep me pretty happy!

Read more about Catherine's choice " Yorkshire Dales Here "

Jason Welsh - "London provides that sense of awe and excitement!"

My one place would be London. Some people may get tired of the noise and crowds but coming from a small town on the coast, London provides that sense of awe and excitement that no other can. There is always an event or festival being held that you really should check out, always new restaurants and bars popping up that you really must try, and there is always a plethora of interesting people to meet.

Read more about Jason's choice " London Here "

The Doshis - "It would definitely be Cotswolds!"

If I could only holiday in one place for the rest of time, then it would definitely be Cotswolds. Cotswolds is renowned for its pretty little towns and villages all identified by their golden coloured stone buildings. You need to see for yourself why this region in England has been captivating visitors for centuries. Its beautiful rural landscape, stately homes and gardens, quaint historical towns, farmers’ markets, antique shops - all make for an unforgettable holiday experience. There are so many hidden villages to explore and so many walking trails (from leisurely strolls to hilly hikes) that I never get bored of visiting Cotswolds.

Read more about Doshis' choice " Cotswolds Here "

Anca - "It would have to be London!"

It would have to be London. I love going on holiday in London, there are so many things to see, it's exciting. I prefer living in a smaller city with less hassle, I like going on holidays in remote areas, but only London can make a holiday amazing for the rest of time.
I've visited in London the well-known attractions like British Museum and V&A aswell as the famous London sight seeing bus, but I've also been to Fan Museum, Freud Museum and Hunterian and I loved it. There are so many places I want to see and I discover new things to add to my London bucket list with every holiday I take there.

Read more about Anca's choice " London Here "

Emma - "Either The Lake District or Cornwall!"

It would probably be either The Lake District or Cornwall. For me The Lake District showcases everything that's beautiful about England, it's green, rugged, peaceful, and takes your breath away. It's the perfect place to be active and outdoors and at home by the fire. I love it there. My other special place is Cornwall, as the coast down there is so stunning and the countryside is gorgeous. Rock is like the British Riveria, and when the sun shines there you really couldn't wish to be anywhere better. Aren't we lucky to be British?!

Read more about Emma's choices " The Lake District and Cornwall"

Adam Beaumont - "I would choose The Lake District!"

I would choose The Lake District. This is a magical place that is a great place to visit throughout the year. Whether it is for a romantic winter weekend or it is for a summer stay with family, the Lake District is a superb English destination.

Read more about Adam's choice " The Lake District Here "

Keri and Emma - "My one place would have to be Brighton!"

My one place would have to be Brighton. I love the seaside, so a coastal destination was a must-have, but there’s something about Brighton that just relaxes me. Perhaps it’s the bohemian feel of the city: I adore exploring the quirky shops along the narrow shopping streets of the Lanes.
It’s just got such a wonderful vibe and there’s something for everyone – its got that classic UK seaside feel but with a buzzing cultural music and theatre scene, plus you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to cafes and restaurants.
Finally it’s home to one of my favourite boutique hotels – Hotel Pelirocco’s rock n roll themed rooms are just unbeatable!

Read more about Keri and Emma's choice " Brighton Here "

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They choose London to be their top destination, below you can find some helpfull link if you do take the plunge and go visit:

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