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When it comes to finding a holiday destination that encourages relaxation and fun at all times, holiday lodges with hot tubs are very hard to beat. If you are looking to enjoy a relaxing break, you will find that there are many positive elements and features to booking a lodge cabin that have access to a hot tub. There is even a way to add some excitement and glamour to your lodge trip, and this is through finding one that has a private hot tub attached. Cheap log cabins with hot tubs are popping up all over the UK. We try to separate the best from the rest, so you know exactly where your heading!

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This site will be detailing lots of hot tub holiday places, whether you’re looking for hot tub holidays for couples, or quick 2 night breaks with hot tubs for the family, we will try to give as much valuable information from our experiences as we can. We know how it feels when you find perfect luxury lodges that match your budget and tick all your boxes but doesn’t have a hot tub! If you really want your lodge to have a private hot tub its infuriating. Good quality lodges for rent with hot tubs can be hard to track down!

Through extensive research and personal experience we have found that there are certain places in the UK that are just perfect for Hot Tub Hideaway breaks, there will be some we have missed but these are almost certainly among the most popular places to stay when searching for log cabins with what we really want.

Popular UK Lodges with Hot Tubs | Destinations

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North West of England

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Beautiful Hot Tub Lodges With Peace and Quiet

One of the most important things that people look for when booking a hot tub lodge is having the chance to enjoy some peace and quiet. We wrote an excellent article about places to holiday in England here, these places are not all ideal if your looking for abit of peace and quiet. The pace and noise of modern life can be very off-putting these days, and this means that we are looking for ways to relax and unwind. Being able to get away from your home and the pressure of modern life is a great thrill for most of us and the variety of lodges to hire with hot tubs ensure that there is something for everyone. Most common uses for these lodge cabins with hot tubs is usually a 1 night or 2 night breaks, although we started out looking for romantic hot tub lodges for 2, we got married and our family grew, we now go on our summer holidays with the children and the grand parents and often need lodges for 8 with a hot tub.

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Another reason why we love lodge and log cabin breaks is that unlike a hotel, you don’t have to worry about hotel cleaning staff. If your holidays in the past have been blighted by hotel cleaning staff interrupting you, or if your a family and you all have separate rooms it’s just not very sociable. Some of these cabins now are huge and sleep 8 or more. We have never booked anything bigger but I have teased myself with some huge luxury 5 star lodges that sleep 16+. One day maybe, when I win the lottery!

It’s Getting Easier To Find Cheap Lodges to Rent

To be honest it all depends on budgets, whether its a cheap lodge for a weekend break or something more, there is something for everyone. There are lodges of all shapes and sizes, and there are lodges for all budgets. You don’t need to have a lot of money to enjoy a luxury lodge, you can make the most of the money you have and there will be a lodge that is perfect for you. Cottages with onsite private hot tubs are a bit more expensive but worth it. Also lodges in the North West especially the lakes tend to cost a little bit more as they are extremely popular.


Log Cabins


Yorkshire lodge for couples

Lodges are my personal favourite for luxury and are usually pet friendly.

cheap log cabin for families

Cabins like lodges are great but usually a little more basic and cheaper.

uk cottage to rent

Cottages are superb for bigger parties to spread the cost.

As we have said there are plenty of cheap lodges available to choose from, allowing you to find something that suits your budget. Whether you are looking to getaway for a weekend or a longer holiday, there will be plenty of great value for money pine lodges that provide you with what you are looking for at a fair and reasonable price.

When Affordable, Luxury Hot Tub Cabins and Lodges Are A Real Treat!

Straker hot tub Lodge northumberland

However, it is also fair to say that there are many luxury lodges and cabins with hot tubs available for people who are looking to experience the finer things in life when they get away on holiday. It has to be said that for some people, a holiday is their one big yearly occasion, and being able to get away in comfort and style is a big part of the thrill that comes with booking luxury lodges. The Straker Lodge in Northumberland is one I picked out years ago on Hoseasons, and I will get there soon. I hope!

Now obviously we haven’t been to all, but we have been to a few over the last 12 years. We tend to stick with the North of England hot tub lodges to save on the travel now we have two little ones. We love UK lodge holidays and here are 5 we have stayed at and thoroughly enjoyed.



Lodges Sleep

Best Deal


Kielder Lodges

Kielder Waterand Forest Park – Northumberland


£60 Off Early Booking

Hot tub picture of kielder lodge

Sandybrook Country Park

Ashbourne, Derbyshire


£50 Off Fortnights

Sandybrook Country Park Derbyshire

Mullion Cove Lodge Retreat

Mullion Cove, Helston Cornwall


£100 Off Summer Holidays

hot tub lodge in cornwall

Nunland Hillside Lodges

Dumfries, Dumfries & Galloway


£30 Off Early Booking

scottish lodges hot tub picture

Woodland Lakes Lodges

Carlton Miniott Thirsk


£60 Off Early Booking

Lodge with access to a hot tub thirsk

Not all Lodges and Log Cabins are the Same!

It is also possible to choose between traditional pine lodges and modern lodges, so whether you love the classic or the contemporary, it’s important to view the pictures so you can know what to expect. No matter what sort of lodges you are looking for, there is going to be one that is perfect for your needs. Places to stay with hot tubs in the UK are becoming hugely popular and there are lots to choose from. The next one we would like to do, is a large holiday lodge in Wales for all the family, we have heard really good things about the Lodges in Wales with private spa, and jacuzzi’s so we can’t wait.

Many Lodges To Rent Are Pet Friendly

Pet friendly lodges to rent with hot tubs

Every pet owner will tell you – You can’t leave them behind!

There is often a need to think about any pets that you have. It is only natural that many people will want to travel on holiday as a family, and this means bringing their pets along too.

It may be difficult to find a hotel that is suitable for pets but when it comes to holiday lodges, there is likely to be a lot more flexibility. This should ensure that you can find pet friendly lodges and especially dog friendly lodges, so you have the option to bring the entire family with you when you take your break.

When it comes to peace of mind and enjoying yourself in the most effective manner, having all of your family around can provide you with as much of a boost as having access to a hot tub.

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Lodges Can Be Used for Weekend Breaks or Complete Holidays

When it comes to finding the ideal holiday, you may want to think about how long you are going away for. One of the best things about lodges is that no matter how long you are going away for, you should find that there is an opportunity to book a lodge for as long as you like or need.

If your holiday plans are based around arranging a weekend trip, or even just a 1 or 2 night stay you will find that there are a range of lodges that are ideal for a short break. Of course, if you are looking to enjoy a much longer break, try and get the best deal you can, a lot of these lodges will give great discounts for longer stays. Often when we get a holiday lodge in the South West usually Cornwall, we go for 2 weeks, it’s such a long way to travel from the North East we need the recovery time! No matter how long you are looking to enjoy a break for, you will find that a lodge is a perfect place’ just to chill’! This should ensure that you return refreshed and ready to take on what life throws at you again.

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avon wood

Hot Tub Lodges Can Sleep 2 or 20!

No matter how many people are in your party, there are lodges in the UK with hot tubs that can accommodate you. Whether you plan on travelling alone, as a couple, as a family or with a huge group of friends, there will be something perfect out there for you. The spacious setting of a lodge ensures that there is an opportunity for everyone to relax and socialise. The level of socialising depends on you!

We stayed in Robin Hood country, and this holiday lodge in Sherwood Forest was the biggest and most luxurious I have ever seen. Pricey yes, worth it? Certainly (when we split it 5 ways!)!

If you are looking for peace and quiet, a private secluded lodge will ensure that you are not disturbed. If you are keen to enjoy a social weekend, then a nice private hideaway can be perfect. If your considering going somewhere north like Scotland then a hot tub is pretty much a must, as it can get really cold at times and the tub will become your best friend! Its here for lodges with onsite hot tubs in Scotland​.

The Hot Tub is Likely to Be The Main Factor of Your Trip

We should all be looking for more value and benefits from our little getaways, and when it comes to adding another dimension of fun or pleasure to your trip, you will find that a lodge with a hot tub is going to be miles better than one without. Whether you want to enjoy a holiday with seclusion from others or socialising with friends, a hot tub is likely to become the focal point of your trip. Knowing that there is one place you can always return too or congregate around, provides a social element to any getaway, so think seriously about finding a destination with a sneaky tub!

If Relaxation is What Your After Then a Jacuzzi Can Help!!!

If you’re planning on being out all day and all night then your wasting your holiday budget looking at a lodge with a hot tub. BUT, if like me you want to empty the car and just kick back then why would you not want a hot tub!

Hot tubs have the ability to soothe your aches and pains, and they can also provide you with the chance to mentally relax and switch off. With many people saying that the point of booking a holiday is to relax and unwind, being able to get physical and mental benefits from taking a break will ensure that having a lodge with its very own hot tub attached will make your trip an even more pleasurable one.

Hot Tub Lodges = Romance!


If you have booked a romantic trip, whether at the last minute or after much thought and consideration, you really should think about the romantic benefits that come from having access to a hot tub. There are few more romantic things in life than being able to relax in your own private hot tub in your lodge with your loved one. Whether you are looking to rekindle an old flame or you are looking to spark some excitement with a new partner, booking a lodge holiday with a hot tub involved is going to provide you with a lot to remember when the time comes to go home.

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No matter how long you are getting away for, having the chance to recharge your batteries and feel as though you are getting a proper break from home life is important. This is where considering your options and then making an informed decision will be extremely sensible. Of all the different options that are available to you to ensure that you enjoy your holiday, you will find that the range of holidays with lodges will provide you with an excellent opportunity to make the most of your trip. When it comes to maximising the level of enjoyment or comfort you take from your holiday, being able to unwind in lodges with hot tubs in your secluded place will always be a pleasant attraction.