Kielder Lodges

  • Indoor pool/sauna
  • Outdoor skating
  • Snorkeling
  • Pub and bar

Border Forest Lodges

  • Outdoor hot tub
  • Shower
  • Bed linen, duvets
  • Flat-screen television

Parmontley Hall Lodges

  • Outdoor hot tub
  • Flat-screen TV with freesat
  • Bar/lounge
  • Wi-Fi

Straker Lodges

  • Indoor pool
  • Hot tubs
  • Sauna
  • Aromatherapy

Relax in your own Northumberland Hot Tub Lodge!

In our search for lodges with hot tubs Northumberland we have found one of the most relaxing places to stay in the UK, Walkers and beach goers drift away in the most amazing rural scenery with the option of lots of things to do.

The Northumberland National Park or alternatively Cheviot Hills are superb for people looking to connect with nature. Northumberland raises the bar for water sports lovers, with the famous Kielder Water proving an amazing day out.

With multiple Northumberland log cabins with hot tubs available you could stay in the heart of Northumberland and still have access to other well visited places, such as the Metro Centre and Alnwick Castle.

Alnwick Castle made famous by the Harry Potter films, is a huge Northumberland tourist attraction.

Lindisfarne is also a must see tourist attraction when visiting Northumberland. Over 2000 years old and built by the Romans is Hadrian’s Wall which is a flagship attraction and a huge part of Northumberland heritage.

Just want to enjoy your lodge?

Maybe you’re not one for touristy things and just want to relax in your private luxury hot tub surrounded by the Northumberland countryside. Dog walking is a huge pull in Northumberland with many of the locals and villages being very dog friendly. Pet friendly lodge cabins with hot tubs are more common here than other places due to families with pets visiting frequently.

Northumberland accommodation with hot tubs is on the rise, the more recent built luxury lodges and cabins to rent are very popular whereas the holiday cottages with hot tubs have been on the UK tourist scene for over 20 years . Northumberland is a favourite.

Northumberland lodges with hot tubs whether its cheap lodges or secluded romantic log cabins you’re looking for, you will be hard pushed to find a place to stay more beautiful than Northumberland.

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Things To Do And Places To Visit In Northumberland

Northumberland is a county situated in North East England. This county is full of historical sites as it has been a site of many battles in the past. It is also known for its beautiful and undeveloped landscapes. If you ever get a chance to visit this aesthetic and beautiful place then there is a guarantee that one can never run out of spectacular landscapes. There are at least seven things that one should definitely do when in Northumberland.

Visit To Cragside House

The first thing on your to do list while in the historical county of Northumberland should be visiting Cragside. The main reason behind it being on the top of the list is the place is breathtakingly beautiful, it is near the village of Rothbury.  

Rothbury is a bustling and beautiful village. Cragside boasts some of the most spectacular and remarkable gardens and grounds in the whole of England. The beauty and splendor of the house is only complimented by the gorgeous landscape surrounding it.

Stopping At Lindisfarne

There are some places in this world that seem to hold magic in them. They hold such calm, peace and beauty that they can become the muse of human creativity. If you desire to visit such a place and be inspired then Lindisfarne is the one you should not miss. It holds such a historical trail and the 16th century castle that is perched on this tidal island is an evidence of its historical trail. It has also been included in the Seven Natural Wonders of the North.

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Treat For Booklovers

If you are a book lover and you happen to be in Northumberland then it would be a shame to miss this chance of visiting Barter Books. This county along with breathtaking beauty is also in possession of the largest second hand bookshop in Europe. It is also said that Barter Books sell about 3000 books per week. They have a magnificent stock of books and the building itself is a site to see. Apart from the books it also has attractions for other fun lovers too like open fires and children’s room filled with toys.

Places-to-visit-in-northumberland (1)The Alnwick Garden

 It is a garden whose centerpiece is the spectacular water displays known as Grand Cascade. It is a largest water feature. It is one of its kind and provides a spellbinding site. It consists of acres of plants and water sculptures that are fascinating and awesome. It also has the world’s largest tree house. It offers something for everyone. It is a magnificent garden and should not be missed.

Go To The Most Tranquil Spot – Kielder

This place has the largest man-made lake, and also England’s largest forest. It also happens to be the most relaxing and calming place in England. It has splendid sites. The water and the forest complement each other giving it a silent healing magic making it serene.

Take A Blissful Walk

Hunlne Park is the place that gives you the opportunity of a blissful walk while being in the midst of virgin natural beauty. It has 3000 acres of splendid natural beauty that is isolated from the world by miles of stone wall. The seclusion gives it a magical feeling. It is the site that should not be missed at any rate.

Visit Belsay Hall

This place gives you a chance to get a closer look at the Classical Greek Revival villa, the most spectacular and one of a kind garden and castle. The gardens are a perfect setting for the medieval castle.