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Hoseasons: Last Minute & Early Booking Deals On Lodges, Cottages and Holiday Parks

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Even if you have not yet booked Hoseasons holidays, you will undoubtedly know the name and possibly even a little about them. They are the leaders for Lodges, Cottages and Holiday Parks across the UK.

If you're looking for Hoseasons late deals here is what you need to know:

Now, unfortunately, there is no such thing as a Hoseasons discount code that you can just type in when booking, but that doesn't mean there is not a way to save ££ £'s when booking through this company.

As mentioned earlier they don't deal with discount codes, and they don't widely advertise cancellations or anything of that sort, what they do offer. Many people miss these when booking a lodge or holiday park are last-minute deals and late deals.


Most holiday companies have changed in recent years. Once there was a time when leaving it late would give you a chance of snapping up a last-minute holiday bargain in the United Kingdom or especially abroad.

The big holiday booking companies cottoned on to this and changed the way the system works. Now if you go for a hotel, flight or holiday they are usually 2 or 3 times the price.
Not with this UK holiday company. Hoseasons last minute offers are genuine and could save a fair whack off your next lodge or cabin break.


There are many special offers and last minute deals available to help you save money on your next holiday when you choose to book it with this company.

Hoseasons discount codes don't exist and for one big reason. They have the lowest price guarantee to say you won't find late deals or holidays cheaper. What they do have is a range of great discounts thrown into the bargain free of charge.
We have gathered some of the best of these below, check out the special offers below:


This page is a real find. At the time of writing it had 21.472 holidays from £83!

Lodges, cottages and parks at the cheapest you will ever find them, it may take a bit of sorting, but if getting the best holiday deal is top of your list then this is the page you should check out.


As previously stated, a large number of holiday destinations and accommodations offered by this UK booking agent operate on a pet-friendly basis. Further to this, to help encourage you to stay at any of the holiday company's Wanderwood locations, you can bring your pet with you at no cost at all.


They are best known for specialising in self-catering holidays up and down the country and have over 2 million satisfied customers. They have been operating since 1944. The originally family-owned company now has a portfolio of 22,000 places to stay, not only up and down the UK but also across Europe.

For such a proper holiday company with so many properties across this country and Europe, it may be surprising to learn (or perhaps not) that it had a truly humble beginning.

The original owner Walter B Hoseasons, an Oulton Broad harbour-master at the time, started the company with just one small boatyard and began selling holidays to people on the Southern Broads.

Thanks to this being a roaring success, he then started to sell water-based holidays and progressed from there. In 1950 he published his first brochure featuring self-catering style holidays in bungalows at waterside, houseboats and motor cruisers.

At the start of the 1950s, Walter (Wally is how most knew him) was succeeded by his son James, who gave up his career in civil engineering to take over running the company. It was then under James's inspirational leadership and drive for success that this company became one of the most popular holiday operators in the UK and a household name in the following couple of decades.

By 1952, the company was making its first real steps towards land-based holidays, helping several boatyard owners market their holiday homes that sat riverside. Interestingly, some of these were not much bigger than little wooden shacks and were very popular among anglers.
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Today their holidays are a firm favourite for UK family getaways, and they provide a wide range of very different holidays and weekend breaks. Below we will take a look at what they offer and the many options open to you.

Hoseasons Lodges & Log Cabins

​Beautiful log cabins in various locations, over 370 to be exact.

They have properties dotted throughout the country for you to rent from the heart of England, to the north, south east and west, as well as Scotland and Wales too.

Ideal for couples looking for romantic breaks somewhere quiet and tranquil. If you are looking for a lazy and relaxing holiday in a magnificent British forest or by a serene lake, their lodges are perfect.
Many are hot tub retreats or have indoor heated pools as part of the package and generally kitted out with the features and amenities you'd expect such as Wi-Fi access, TVs and other standards.

Find 100's of Log Cabins With Private Hot Tubs Here

Hoseasons Holiday Parks

If you are more interested in getting involved in a more traditional fun-for-all-the-family style escape from reality, then try a Hoseasons holiday park, they have you covered with over 600 different locations up and down the country, from coast to coast.

You will find modern chalets and caravans to rent and along with standard features such as televisions and Wi-Fi access you will also be privy to the on-site facilities at these locations.
Although it can vary from park to park, you could find things such as indoor swimming pools, tennis and badminton courts as well as entertainment for all the family from first thing in the morning to last thing at night.

Hoseasons Cottages

If you are looking for something a little different, you should look at the wide variety of varying cottage rental options that they have to offer. They have types for every holiday experience you could wish, you can get stone farmhouse cottages or maybe a holiday home with sea views?
Or go one step further and check out their range of beach huts!

Keeping in line with the self-catering ethos, there is a large selection of properties up and down the country.

Just how luxurious you want your cottage to be will dictate the budget as some offer better facilities than others. However, you can always be sure they will be located in a perfect area for that ideal holiday away from it all.

City Breaks

​Yet another great option, if you are looking for something a bit more cosmopolitan, is their new city apartments.

There is a choice between high-quality apartments and studio-style apartments in:

  • Bath
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Chester
  • Harrogate
  • Leamington Spa
  • Leeds
  • Lincoln
  • Liverpool
  • London
  • Manchester
  • York
  • Aberdeen
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow

Although the surroundings are different and some of the facilities may be different, something that remains unchanged is the standard you expect from Hoseasons.

Boats & Boat Holidays

If you want to branch out a little and are particularly fond of Norfolk, you might want to try taking a boating holiday along the Broads.

Miles and miles of waterways connect and gives you the chance to cruise through gorgeous woodland, meadows and reedy marshes.

While it is not possible to connect to every one of the waterways easily from the others, there are five main starting points, including Brundall in the west, Oulton and Beccles Broad in the south, Acle in the centre and Stalham and Hickling to the north and then Horning and Wrexham. Holidays along the Norfolk Broads have a distinct advantage over canal holidays as there are no locks.

If you are a lover of nature and like to see wildlife and rare plants up close, you will find lots in this highly protected conservation area. You will even be able to pull up to land and take various guided trips, bird watching adventures and nature trails.

European Boat Holidays

As well as boating holidays in and around the UK, much like the other types of self-catering holidays offered by Hoseasons, there is a wonderful selection of European boating holidays you can take advantage of, including Belgium, France, Italy, Germany Holland and Ireland.

Belgium - Nieuwpoort/River Iizer
Along the River Iizer, you will pass through Diksmuide, a pretty little town that has a town square with delightful small restaurants and shops.

There is so much on offer when it comes to French boating holidays, in fact Hoseasons offer 309 different types of accommodation based at various points around the beautiful French coastline.

Take to the water and enjoy the rich and varied beauty of German waterways cruising through the Prussian regions of historic significance known as Brandenburg and Mecklenburg.
Considered to be one of the most beautiful areas in mainland Europe, there is an extensive network of canals and lakes that make for a very tranquil cruising area.

Holland Canals
Holland is particularly famous for its canals and unsurprisingly is an excellent choice if you are looking for a genuinely laid back holiday taking in the gentle countryside and quaint little villages.
As it is very flat terrain, you could couple your boating holiday with cycling and stop by land to follow local trails when you aren't cruising along.

Be prepared for timeless and unforgettable views at each and every point along any cruise you take by the Emerald Isles.
There is just under 540 km of breathtaking lakes and rivers and much more. If you do intend to boat in Ireland, be sure to have enough time to do it slowly enough to enjoy it.

There is probably no better way to experience Venice than from a boat. Who wouldn't want to navigate a ship through the Venetian Lagoon?
As well as the intricate and complex waterways, you will want to visit Venice for the very grand and majestic architecture and splendid piazzas.

The History & The Story So Far

TV Time And The Rise Of Self-Catering

London was finally getting the message of this company's growth when in 1957, the very first boating holiday ads appeared on TV and were trialled initially in the greater London area for the company. As the 50s became the 60s, they were the company who first really spearheaded the self-catering explosion in this country. Representatives tirelessly searched north to south of the UK looking for the very best holiday locations to present to their customers.

Towards the end of the 1970s, family parks became their best selling holiday packages, stealing the crown from the "hi-de-hi" holiday camps people were used to at that time. While they also made the massive leap from using a wall chart to book customers to a fully operational computer reservations system for their UK based properties.

​The 1980s And the Shift Abroad

The companies very first overseas holiday was introduced in 1982, on French waterways, while later in that decade they distributed their brochures through many of the big-name travel agents for the very first time.

​Cottages, The Internet, And Awards

With a new decade, in the 90s came more expansions. In 1996, they launched the first of their cottages. Since then, the small number they began with has grown to become 2300, hand-picked cottages in only the most picturesque parts of the country. Earlier we mentioned how they were one of the first to change over to a fully computerised system to improve their customer service, well in 1996, they were the first UK holiday company who could be booked directly online.


We hope you have enjoyed our write up and trip down memory lane. This company is the front runner when it comes to UK holidays. Visit their website, it does offer the best user experience of any we have come across. Whatever you want, from a countryside break to fantastic family holidays all easy to find.